Live Webinars

MSBHR offers a monthly webinar series focused on relevant HR topics.  Our webinars provide practical advice and guidance on typical and complex HR issues.  MSBHR webinars keep you updated on vital HR compliance topics, practical guidance, and more. 

Live Webinars

Whether you’re a Human Resources Professional or a manager, managing Human Resources can be a daunting task.

The employment relationship can be confusing and often leave a business vulnerable to potential legal risk. Today’s HR professionals and managers must be well-versed in employment laws that impact the business. This makes ongoing Human Resources education and training an absolute necessity.

Our webinars are specifically designed for HR professionals and managers to help them enhance their professional skills.
Knowledge is most valuable when shared. We believe it is critical to deliver timely information addressing the current needs and interests of employers.

Reduce your compliance risk!  Find out more and register for the next live webinar.

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