About Employee Relations Guidance & Support

Get the necessary support for your managers and HR team as you try to reconcile matters of workplace equity, policy interpretation, compliance and interventions related to different issues.

Maybe you’re a startup business and you don’t have an Employee Relations department but are experiencing Employee Relations issues.  Maybe you are a small business owner with an even smaller HR department that is getting bogged down with Employee Relations issues.  Maybe you are an experienced HR professional but need a 2nd opinion or guidance on a complex Employee Relations issue.  Whatever your “maybe,” MSB HR is here to help you navigate the fair and legal way to manage Employee Relations issues in your company.  We provide professional advice and guidance on routine and complex Employee Relations matters.  Contact us on a per issue basis or become an MSB HR client!

We examine your existing Employee Relations program with a fresh set of eyes to recognize strengths and identify and needs for improvement and enhancement of the ER function.  Obtaining a clear picture of a company’s Employee Relations climate is vital to improving employee morale and, ultimately, productivity.  Through the program review, we identify ER issues which require policies and procedures.

Whether we are partnering with you to enhance your existing program or if we are building your program, we take a very methodical approach.  We ask you the right questions and in turn implement best practices that help you comply with legal and regulatory requirements, make sound and defensible decisions that withstand scrutiny, and act with integrity.  We partner with you to:

  • Establish the overall employee relations strategy and culture with organizational leaders;
  • Ensure that the individual and collective relationship between the organization and its employees are managed appropriately;
  • Design policies and practices to promote diversity and inclusion across the organization within a clear framework;
  • Ensure that the appropriate ER tools, policies and practices are well executed;
  • Give accurate and appropriate advice, training and support to managers to help them understand and comply with ER policies and practices;
  • Manage and facilitate potential conflict situations to achieve consensus legally and ethically.

Small to mid-size business owners don’t have time to handle the day-to-day Employee Relations issues that creep up and consume valuable time.  Front-line managers have a critical impact on Employee Relations in any organization. Yet, too frequently they don’t have the experience, skills or information they need to succeed in this area.

MSB HR can ease the burden by stepping in when no ER expertise exists to handle your continual needs. Your business will benefit from our expertise and experience.  The more effectively you can work through skilled professionals to serve the needs of your employees, the more efficient you will be in meeting your organization’s needs.  Not only will you be able to increase efficiency in your business, but you will ultimately increase the satisfaction of both managers and employees.  We can act as a safety-zone before you make a costly mistake by helping you navigate difficult situations including, disciplinary action, layoffs, terminations and investigations.  Let MSB HR work with you!

We have effectively captured best practices and created a repository of well-constructed tools, policies, procedures and select services that have consistently delivered superior results.  We take great pride in our ability to then tailor those tools to fit your organizational culture and business practices.

Questions? Reach out to us. We would love to help.